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Our expertise is in 3D video display and our products are used in many areas including anatomy, fiber inspection, microsurgery and industrial/electronic (SMT) inspection. We also offer custom made 3D video technology to third party resellers and stereo microscope vendors. Custom-made 3D video display systems are solicited and developed for your specific application. Reseller inquiries are invited and regional standard product representation is being considered for the American marketplace. Contact Jim Averill at Bunton Instrument Company, Inc. for a price quote or questions regarding the standard Retro-Opsis products that are made for most surgical and stereomicroscopes on the market.

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The Microstereopsis Corporation was established in 1995. The very first products involved analog cameras and the world's first S3D encoder/decoder visualization system from the pioneering US company Stereographics. We used Crystal Eyes active liquid crystal eyewear and two analog color cameras connected to CMO type stereo microscopes. Stereographics has now become part of RealD... the company that provides technology for most of the "3D Theaters" here in the USA. Technology in the arena has advanced substantially in the past two decades!

Today we see large HD flatscreens and inexpensive projectors that are capable of displaying S3D imagery. PC-based, real-time viewing and BluRay digital recording of S3D content is now possible. Early analog S3D used S-video (YC) and by 2002 we were offering the world's first commercial PC-based S3D microscopy system... Retro-Opsis DV. Using TriD software we now had XGA and SXGA "Firewire" cameras connected to Windows operating systems and the US firm Neotek has become a partner with our product line for the past twelve years.

The latest HD (2K) cameras and leading-edge CMOS/CCD sensors have now enabled our technology partners to take us into the newest S3D microscopy arena.... High definition that can utilize the latest display technology. We still use active LC shuttered eyewear but that may change this decade....stay tuned to our YouTube channel "TheMICROBG"!

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