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We specialize in the E. Leitz Wetzler German-made legacy microscopes. These precision compound microscopes are completely cleaned and serviced with a one year Bunton warranty period. Instruments are offered for both biological and industrial applications. Most have phototubes for connection of a modern digital camera. These instruments range from the early 1970’s through the year 2000.

I have tried to list the used inventory but that becomes very difficult in that the availability changes frequently as instruments are sold and used instruments are refurbished and made ready for sale. All of our used instruments are subject to prior sale. This means we cannot “hold” an instrument or put them on lay-away, etc. We require a 25% deposit and can arrange to hold a scope for up to two weeks while your Purchasing Department generates a P.O. Please review our payment terms in the NEW MICROSCOPE section. Contact us by phone or email with your exact requirements and budget limit. We should be able to help you with a good “Leitz Solution”.

We have a few America Optical microscopes from time to time but, for the most part, we only keep used LEITZ (now Leica Microsystems and owned by a USA Fortune 500) microscopes on the shelf. We do have a showroom at our office near Frederick, MD. Appointments must be made but we are very flexible on days and time to meet your agenda. Please note that our used/reconditioned microscopes are rarely less expensive than new instruments from China. The quality workmanship and optical performance of a used Leitz is superior to any Chinese-made microscope of today. Typical pricing will be about 50% of the last USA retail selling price. Fluorite and plan apochromatic lenses are available in the old 170 and 160 DIN style … getting very hard to find now. All modern microscope objectives are now corrected for infinity tube length. No, they are not compatible with the old finite type.

Dialux and LM-LUX

DIALUX and LM-LUX ... the biological laboratory microscope from the 1970’s. This scope normally had a 15W lamp and transformer but later versions included 50W halogen lighting. Several Dialux 170 scopes are usually available for routine fluorescence to darkfield and phase contrast. This model was eventually replaced with the Laborlux 12 (160TL).

DIAVERT… this microscope was so far ahead of the competition that it immediately became the instrument of choice in many tissue culture labs. The unique modular design with modern halogen lighting and easy-to-use phase contrast set up made the Diavert a benchmark for all others to follow. Later came Labovert. We normally always will have Diaverts set up for biological phase contrast methods. The perfect workhorse in a tissue culture lab.


ORTHOLUX ONE … launched in the 1930’s as the world’s first real modular research microscope stand. Primarily used for biological research, Ortholux was also used in pathology, geology, metallurgy and materials science. It is an upright microscope and always comes with a phototube. Lighting is available as halogen, fiber optic or LED with modern configurations. Most of our Ortholux I models are for biology. It is a fantastic instrument for the hobbyist who wants a model to expand. Phase contrast after Zernike is common. Leitz petrographic scopes are hard to find in good condition and we normally have a waiting list for those.

Ortholux One


ORTHOLUX II … replaced the Ortholux I as a modular, modern design. Most were used in biology but there was also a metallurgical and polarized light version. Ortholux II shares components with Diavert. We get these in for phase contrast, DIC and fluorescence investigations. I try to keep a phase and Smith-T system on the bench at all times. A typical instrument with Ploem epifluorescence kit is usually available … mercury arc or modern LED light sources.

Ortholux II



The widefield flagship model for Leitz from about 1965 to the 1980’s was Orthoplan. Metalloplan was the upright version for materials science and metallurgy. We normally have both available. Biological versions for brightfield, phase contrast, darkfield, fluorescence and interference contrast are usually available. Industrial versions with brightfield/darkfield or DIC are offered. Polarized light versions are difficult to find.

LEITZ Metalloplan with LINNIK interferometry unit that includes 10x and 20x infinity corrected paired optic sets. This is a very scarce device and will only be sold with a complete microscope stand. LINNIK is quickly removed (one piece with stage) and the Metalloplan may then be set up for normal incident or transmitted light studies. Special Price...subject to prior sale.



LABORLUX II/D-K, 12 and S models are the instruments that replaced the older 170TL Dialux and SM-LUX for laboratory work. These biological scopes were set up for 160mm TL. Industrial versions were set for infinity tube length correction. We have a good selection of these instruments at the moment for biological fluorescence studies.

Ortholux II

DIALUX 20/22 … mostly for fluorescence studies … the next step up from Laborlux 160 models. Some available with dual port teaching tubes.

Ortholux II

ORTHOPLAN 2/ARISTOPLAN … this became the flagship replacement for Orthoplan I. Mostly for biology, these fine instruments were the last of the finite tube length scopes from E. Leitz … soon the DM series (infinity corrected) was launched and that series is still in place today from Leica Microsystems. We do not sell new or used Leica microscopes.

Ortholux II

LABOVERT replaced Diavert for the biological inverted microscope models. We usually have one or two … usually set up for phase contrast methods.

Ortholux II

ERGOLUX … this was the upright semiconductor microscope that could scan a 6” diameter wafer. They were usually equipped for brightfield/darkfield incident light but some models had transmission and others had DIC-R. We keep these on hand primarily for materials science apps and MEMS device inspection. They are not suitable for viewing polished metal samples in mounts greater then 10mm thick. We normally equip our Ergolux offerings with the ergonomic, tilting trinocular body tube for photomicroscopy. Ergolux uses infinity corrected Leitz objective lenses with RMS thread.

photo D

We do sell Leitz microscopes on consignment. Contact me for details on this option. We also accept Leitz scopes on trade-in toward purchase of new equipment of any kind. We do not accept any other make on trade other than E. Leitz Wetzlar.

USED stereoscopic microscopes are usually going to be in pretty bad condition. Many just cannot be repaired due to lack of parts or poor design. We do sell used stereo microscopes from Wild (now part of Leica Microsystems) as they become available … they rarely sit on the shelf too long. The model of choice is the M5 or M5A. We do have a good selection of reconditioned Bausch and Lomb (USA made) stereo pods at the moment. They are more expensive than the new Chinese-made knockoffs.

Specific Leitz finite and infinity corrected objectives are available from Bunton. We also stock many repair parts and have three local specialists who know the Leitz line and how to repair them with factory supplied parts. Replacement bulbs for all of the older Leitz microscopes are kept on hand here at Bunton. Quantity discounts on bulbs are available upon request.


Our inventory of reconditioned microscopes are predominantly LEITZ Germany-made. All used instruments are fully restored and have a one year warranty. All are subject to prior sale and we are always adding new stock to the roster….contact us with your immediate requirements and we can tell you what is currently available and a price based on your exact requirements. Special prices on used scopes with any of our new digital cameras purchased the same time.



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